What We Offer

A decision making platform to support sustainable agriculture supply chains, value creation and market growth


  • Real-time data collection and tracking of orders, assets, materials and equipment
  • End-to-End Visibility of each trade from source to end
  • Enforce Fiscal Compliance and International Trade Rules around Origin of Goods
  • Provenance and Traceability of Products and Raw Materials
  • Transparent reporting of business activities, transactions, supplier interactions, supply chain and manufacturing processes carbon emissions
  • Immutable Audit Trail
  • Monitor and prove compliance with ESG Standards and Targets
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    For Farmers

  • Ease Trading/Exports and access to Global Markets
  • Monitor and Demonstrate Compliance
  • Negotiate Fairer Pricing
  • Improve chances of gaining access to finance
  • Access to Insurance and improve business resilience
  • Improved Sustainability for small scale independent farmers
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    Opportunity, Growth and Sustainability

  • Open up new markets
  • Appeal to investors and attract capital
  • Stay ahead of regulatory requirements
  • Manage risks stemming from ESG issues
  • Obtain real value and better terms from financial sector
  • Build reputation and trust amongst customers and business partners
  • Increase employee retention and motivation
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Create a competitive advantage
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    Data Driven Technology

    Data driven intelligence is key to growth


  • Agricultural integrity depends upon visibility of produce from consumer to farm in order to track quality and ensure compliance to certification standards.
  • The team deeply understands the importance of having access to robust information delivered as needed, and as such, has developed supply chain traceability software that delivers ease of use combined with powerful tracking.
  • You can offer complete access to your supply chain in the event of a food safety concern in order to enact proper measures to mitigate risk to your consumers.
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    Unlock the Data Dividend - Reduce Paperwork

    The delivery of refrigerated goods to the United States from Africa requires stamps and permits from about 40 people and organizations that interact with each other in more than 300 cases. Total costs of processing documents with such logistics are estimated at between 15 and 50% of the cost of physical transport In such a complex structure, errors and inaccuracies inevitably appear, which lead to cargo idle time and long-term litigation.

  • Reduce bureaucratic barriers to trade (increase global trade by 15%, global GDP by 5% - World Economic Forum)
  • Reduction of logistics costs and damage to shipping; the possibility of entering new markets, where they are willing to pay more;
  • Reduction of fraud and counterfeit;
  • Increased consumer confidence, as they can now trace the goods to the manufacturer.
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  • Makes the market more transparent, which can be used to exert social pressure on parties that make excessive profits. The practice of eco-organizations has proven that this strategy is effective.
  • Farmers can use blockchain-based platforms to create a kind of international trade unions to protect their rights.For developing countries, where a significant part of the population is engaged in agriculture, this will be a huge plus, which will save many people from starvation
  • Potential to make the lending market global. Farmers from Africa will be able to take out loans in European structures on acceptable terms.
  • Allow for the creation of crowdfunding models where ordinary people can finance businesses from other countries.
  • Potentially help to localize the insurance industry, so that farmers, for example, in Africa OR Latin America will be able to insure on more favourable terms with European companies
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    Innovation in Application

    Meeting the Need

    Emerging Technologies

    Using the latest innovative technologies


    Transparency, Resilience and Insight

    Using Blockchain to bring offer organisations greater transparency and so engender far greater levels of trust, vital for consumers and governments wishing to track those organisations’ ESG credentials.


    End-to-End Visibility

    Permissioned Blockchains to support all functions within the agricultural supply chain including Traceability, Provenance, Fiscal and Regulatory Compliance and Financial Trading